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Photography is the art of drawing (or painting) with light. Photographers are the Light Seekers, the Light Chasers, the Light Makers. We do strange things in pursuit of the light, of finding just the right angle, of seeing the world a bit differently.


As a Fine Art Photographer, I have dedicated myself to capturing the best light no matter where I am or what my subject is at that moment. I have awoken in the very early hours of the morning to travel long distances to photograph the first light of day. I have stayed out way past a normal bedtime shooting for the stars. I have camped out on a hilltop for hours waiting for bears and wolves. I have turned my kitchen table into a make-shift studio to photograph flowers. I have crawled around on the ground to get at eye level to a dewdrop or a spider or a young child.

My passion for photography led me into the world of teaching and inspiring. I love to help other photographers develop their own unique style whether they are beginners or professionals or any where in between. For more information about the types of events I offer, check out my Workshops & Seminars page. For more information about upcoming events check out my Calendar of Events. Check back often as new events are added throughout the year.

I am also deeply interested in commercial photography, portraits, weddings, and other types of photography. For more information, check out my Commercial, Portraits, & More page.

I write a Weekly Blog each Monday. Each blog post is different, but they all focus on one or more of my photographs with a description and some behind-the-scenes information. You can subscribe to automatically receive the link in your email each Monday by going to Subscribe to Blog. I also send out the occassional update to my calendar as I add new events.

If you have any questions for me at any time, the best way to reach me is through my email: melissa@melissasouthern.com.